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Ohr Chaim CongregationFriendliest Shul in Town

  • Rabbi Chaim Friedman
  • Robert Shapiro


v Mazel Tov to Asher Nowitz

and the Nowitz and Herssein families

upon his becoming Bar Mitzvah.


v Mazel Tov to Mr. & Mrs. David & Pearl Landesman

on the birth of a grandson

born to their children Mordechai & Beth Landesman.


v Mazel Tov to Rabbi & Mrs. Shua & Pearly Artman

on the birth of a baby girl

Mazel tov to grandparents Marcos & Tiffany Lapciuc.


v Last week’s Kiddush was sponsored by

Mr. & Mrs. Uri & Elisheva Ansbacher

For the yahrzeit of  Elisheva’s great aunt

Miriam bas Noach a’h.


v Kiddush is sponsored by

Mr. & Mrs. Hillel & Naomi Herssein

celebrating their grandson’s Bar Mitzvah

(in Eretz Yisrael).


v Seudah Shlishis is sponsored by

Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Ahuva Epstein

to commemorate the 50th yahrzeit of Gary’s father

R’ Nachman ben R’Yitzchok Halevi  on Tevet 21

and by

Dr. Steven Oppenheimer

in memory of his father

Chaim Gershon ben Meir a’h

and by

Mr. Sam Garfunkel

in memory of his father

Zerach ben Shmuel Yosef a’h.


Dr. Oppenheimer will be giving a shiur commemorating the yahrzeits 45 minutes before mincha this

Shabbos afternoon at 4:25PM.  All are welcome.



v Rabbi Reisman Motzei Shabbos Shiur

7:30PM –8:30PM

Sponsored by Hillel & Naomi Herssein.


 Pninim Women's Classic Bible study

with Rebbitzen Rucha Baumann

beginingThursday, November 7

09:45 AM - 11:15 AM

at Congregation Ohr Chaim.



Women's Shiur on Tehillim 

Shabbos Afternoon  5:15 PM in the Youth Room.



We hope to travel in June 2020 for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska visiting many points of interest. 

Please  email Mindy Robbin at Mindyjpr@aol.com to indicate your interest. 

More details to follow.


Community Events:

v Project Heritage Women’s class

will meet at 4:00 PM at the home of

Mrs. Mona Abromowitz 4525 Nautilus Dr.


Legislators return to Tallahassee next week for the 60 day legislative session, where they approve the state budget for 2020-2021 and any new programs. Teach Florida is asking for improvements to the tax credit scholarship program, increased security funding, and additional measures to secure Jewish institutions. To advocate with us email teachcoalition@teachflorida.org.

v Hashavas Aveidah Service

Available at


Weekly Schedule

Parashas Shemos

Friday, January 17th, 2020

Candle Lighting - Before 5:34 PM

Mincha - 5:39 PM

 Z'manim According to the Gra
Last time for Krias Shma – 9:50AM
Last time for Tefillah - 10:44 AM


Shabbos, January 18th, 2020

Mishnah Berurah - 8:15 AM

Shacharis - 8:45 AM

Youth Groups - 9:00 AM

Bikur Cholim - 4:00 PM

 Shiur – 4:25 PM

Mincha - 5:15 PM

Youth Shalosh Seudos after Mincha

Havdalah - 6:32 PM (R’Tam - 7:05 PM)

Daily Tefilla Week of Jan. 19-23

Sunday Shacharis - 8:15 AM

Daily Shacharis - 6:55 AM

Mincha - 5:40 PM

Legal Holiday, Monday, January 20th, 2020

Shacharis - 6:55 AM

Mincha - 5:40 PM

 Mincha - 5:35 PM

Torah Study Schedule

  • Morning Daf Yomi - 6:00 AM
  • Sun. Daf Yomi - 7:00 AM
  • Sun. Parsha Shiur & Breakfast - 9:15 AM