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  • Rabbi Chaim Friedman
  • Robert Shapiro



v Mazel Tov to Ronald & Miriam Baron

on the marriage of their granddaughter Chana Faigie, daughter of Yaacov & Julie Kaplan of Toronto

to Mordechai Palace,

son of Dr. Zelig & Simma Palace of Monsey,

may they be zoche to build a bayis Neeman b’Yisroel.


v A second Mazel Tov to Ronald & Miriam Baron

on the birth of a great-grandson, Isaac Zelig

born to parents Zahava & Shalom Yehuda Glazer of Lakewood,

Grandparents are

Dr. Boruch & Batya Kassover of Lakewood and

Rabbi Mordechai & Laura Ann Glazer of Baltimore.


v Mazel Tov to Mark & Ashlee Mulrad

on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Sammy.


v Mazel Tov to Alan & Erica Rauzin

on the bris of their grandson ,

proud parents are Dara & Philip Harte.


v Mazel Tov to Howard & Resa Sitzer

on the birth of a grandson,

born to Berel & Shevi Sitzer of Lakewood.


v Kiddush is sponsored by Congregation Ohr Chaim.


v Last Week's Seudah Shlishis was sponsored by

Mr. & Mrs. Hillel & Naomi Herssein

in memory of his father’s 30th yahrzeit

Aryeh Leib ben Abrohom z'l.


v Seudah Shlishis is sponsored by

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Oz

in memory of his father Rahamim ben Zaharah z’l.



   v R’ Reisman Motzei Shabbos Shiur

7:30PM –8:30PM

Sponsored by Hillel & Naomi Herssein. 


 Shabbos Together with Rabbi Ariel Shoshan

DEC. 14-15th

Congregation Ohr Chaim will be hosting

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan of Scottsdale AZ,

as a scholar in residence Shabbos Parashas Vayigash

Oneg Shabbos at 4555 PineTree Drive at 8:30 PM

Shabbos Lunch at Ohr Chaim $36 per person, by reservation only ,

RSVP to: ohrchaim@aol.com.

Community Events:

v Project Heritage Women’s class

will meet at 4:00 PM at the home of



v Hashavas Aveidah Service

Available at



Congratulations! The Jewish day school community voted in record numbers this election, and school choice was the winner.  Thank you for making our community a strong organized meaningful voice in Florida. We are one step closer to expanding Florida educational options. Save the date for our legislative breakfast, January 13, where you can speak with elected officials to show your support for school choice. Contact Teachflorida@ou.org to get involved. 



Weekly Schedule


Parashas Mikeitz

Rosh Chodesh


Friday, December 8th, 2018

Candle Lighting - Before 5:12 PM

Mincha -5:12 PM

 Z'manim According to the Gra
Last time for Krias Shma – 9:34 AM
Last time for Tefillah - 10:27 AM


Shabbos, December 9th, 2018

Mishnah Berurah - 8:15 AM

Shacharis - 8:45 AM

Youth Groups - 9:00 AM

Bikur Cholim - 3:40 PM

Iggros Moshe Shiur – 4:10 PM

Mincha - 4:55 PM

Youth Shalosh Seudos after Mincha

Havdalah - 6:09 PM (R’Tam - 6:42 PM)

Rosh Chodesh, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018

Sunday Shacharis - 8:15 AM

Daily Tefilla Week of Dec. 9-13

Sunday Shacharis - 8:15 AM

Daily Shacharis - 6:55 AM

Mincha - 5:20 PM

Torah Study Schedule

  • Morning Daf Yomi - 6:00 AM
  • Sun. Daf Yomi - 7:00 AM
  • Sun. Parsha Shiur & Breakfast - 9:15 AM